Mattresses with the memory form now days are the common mattress and also loved by the buyers. We all know the characteristics of the memory foam mattresses. But few of the generation know the types of memory forms. Yes, memory form comes with the different types which can affect their comfort level and durability.

Viscoelastic Memory foam mattress

This type of memory foam also known as traditional memory foam. You will get them easily in the market. It is believed that this is the first type of memory form invented and still in the use. Scientists use only this type of memory formation for the people in space. This is also known as zero gravity memory foam and also named as poly foam. Always use memory foam mattress topper on memory foam mattresses.

Organic mattress with memory foam

This memory foam is basically made by the help of plants. This is the combination of chemicals and plants which made them organic. This is also known as plant-based memory foam mattresses. Plants made these types of mattresses cooler and also breathe able so that the sleeper can never feel suffocated while sleeping.

Gel Filled memory foam

This is the most commonly used type of memory foam mattress. In this gel is infused with the layer of memory foam to enhance the comfort level of the sleeper. They are more retainable for the shape of the mattress, also used to cure the soreness and pain of the sleeper. It is suggested by doctors as well for old people. Gels also help to reduce the heat and provide the cool environment to the sleeper.

Now identify which of memory foam mattress you are sleeping on. Because you know all the types now along with their benefits.